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Sci-Fi Six Word Stories
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Welcome to the Science Fiction version of Six Word Stories!

This community is for science fiction muses only. The idea was taken with much love from the sixwordstories community.

Same Rules as sixwordstories
[Write a story in six words.]
[Write, edit, delete and be inspired.]
[Write lots! Multiple stories? Multiple entries!]

[Don't use more than six words.]
[Don't use titles. There's no need.]
[Don't introduce yourself. Just start writing.]
[Don't promote communities here. There are plenty of comms out there for that.]
[Don't post anything dealing with raping someone or anything that will lead to sexually explicit content. This is not the place for that.]

A couple more:
1. Multiples are allowed, by all means. Nothing better than a muse talking to itself.
2. This is not a community for fantasy muses. This includes ones associated with magic, vampires, angels, etc. If you are looking for a crossover, hey that's what sixwordstories does all the time. This isn't meant to replace the original SWS, just a sort of extra room for the science fiction people in their world to hang out. If you're not sure where your muse falls in the genres, PM me stargatejackson and ask.
3. I've tried to make enough tags for each muse's show, so use them if you are able to. If I don't have your tag yet, lemme know. I'll try to keep track of those I don't have yet. Just an organization thing on my part, nothing major.
4. Tag "open: all" for anyone to post on it. Tag "universe specific" for muses only from your universe to post. If you don't use either, it is open till tagged otherwise. Tagging with universe and theme names (ie star trek, quantum leap) doesn't mean anything other than it just identifies where your muse is from. That way, if someone wants to read just star trek posts, they can click on the tag and voila! There they are.

Examples of Science Fiction muse themes:
Star Trek
Quantum Leap
Star Wars
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Red Dwarf
Doctor Who
Blake's 7
Battlestar Galactica
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Matrix
The Time Machine
Max Headroom
The Fifth Element
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Invisible Man
Babylon 5
The Dead Zone

(if you think of any others, PM stargatejackson and I'll add it to the list)

Note: Things might be a little slow until we get enough members to get it going. Invite some people if you know of other sci-fi muses on your flists.